Bad Coding Habits You Should Quit As A Programmer

Every programmer wants to become a better programmer but sometimes our bad programming habits become a barrier to be a better programmer. Here are listed some bad coding habits you should quit as a programmer.

Bad Coding Habits You Should Quit As A Programmer

Following habits are you should keep in mind that you should avoid as a programmer.

1. Saying, “I’ll fix it later”

Every programmer sometimes did the mistake that they procrastinate their work. Yeah, of course, you can't do all things in a single day but frequently doing this makes you very very lazy. So, avoid this mistake or habit.

You can prepare a ToDo list for the day so it helps you to complete work and helps you to avoid this habit.

2. Can't focus on one Tech

To become a good programmer you should focus on one tech stack. The experienced programmer always recommends you master one technology. It is beneficial in future opportunities. 

Most newbie programmers do this mistake, they try to learn everything at once. But avoid this mistake and never try to learn everything and focus on one at a time.

3. Not clearing fundamentals

To master any language or tech stack you should clear fundamentals first. If you start directly then somewhere you get the problem to solve bugs so read the documentation and clear fundamentals.

4. You think you know everything

It is good to have confidence in life but over-confidence ruins your life as a programmer. As a programmer, you have to develop a learning mind. Every day is new for programmers, every day new technology releases in the market, and at that point, you don't know everything. Just build confidence to learn anything.

5. You Ignore Errors or Bugs

To become a better programmer you should develop the habit to read errors or bugs. Errors and bugs make you curious about what will happen and what's going on with the code.

By solving errors you get the chance to learn new things. Errors and bugs are friends of programmers so never ignore them.

6. Not getting help when you're stuck

I did this mistake a lot. Some programmers are afraid to ask for help. Just stop, Asking for help doesn’t mean that you’re incompetent. Everyone needs help, if you ask for help you may learn new things from them. So never stop asking questions and seeking help.

7. You don’t utilize the resources

If you are stuck in the code you can get help from the Internet right. First, try to solve and if you are really stuck then never waste your time and google the error.

The vast community of developers on the Internet must have a solution for your problem. You can also ask your question or error on different communities like StackOverflow, Reddit.

8. Blindly copy/pasting code

As I said googling error is and finding the solution is good but if you are just copy/pasting the code without understanding is not good. Understand code before using it. It may possible this code generates an error or you need little modification to fit in your code.

9. Blaming others

Take responsibility for your code. It is common in programmers now a day. Once you admit that you did the mistake then you'll be free to focus on other work, finding solutions for that, and why you made that mistake, and how to avoid it. 

10. Afraid to try new

As we know programming is growing, and every day you can see new technology in the world. Some programmers are afraid to migrate one tech to another.

I know it's a little bit hard to leave my favorite tech stack but we need to walk with the world and time. New technology is important for better features in your product and service.

And logics are the same for every new programming language just syntax will change. Just clear fundamentals so it becomes easier to migrate.

11. You don’t write enough comments

Writing comments in the code is a good habit for programmers. Writing comments helps other developers to understand your code. Not only for other programmers but also useful when you reopen your project after 6 months or 1 year.

So, develop the habit to write good comments in the code.

12. You don't choose meaningful names

I am talking about identifiers. Choosing a good variable name, function name, the class name is hard sometimes. Good identifiers names tell what the purpose of it. A variable name like a,b,c is good for small programs but for a large project, you must choose meaningful names of functions, variables, etc.

13. Ignoring practice

A common habit of newbie programmers. As a beginner, you need lots of practice. Practice improves your concepts and clears your fundamentals.

Not only for beginners, when you learn a new programming language or framework you need the practice to master that tech.

14. You don’t plan before implementing

Planning is a basic thing you should do before starting the project. If you start a project without planning you may get stuck in the middle of the project. 

Plan your database, your project flow, create wireframes and prototypes, choose tech stack, etc. you can consider while making planning.

15. You over-engineer simple problems

Simplicity is the key. Try to find a simple and optimal way to solve problems. I'm not saying that your code must look simple. Code may look complex but do not quick fix or patches to solve a problem. Take time and find a better way.

A good programmer knows how to find effective as well as efficient solutions for simple problems rather than making them complex.

So, these are the bad coding habits you should quit as a programmer.