Programming is very growing nowadays. Every student is now willing to learn programming. Every programmer needs tips to go in the right way or better way. True tips may help them in the future to learn fast and adopt new programming easily.

If you want to become a pro in programming then following some tips might help to make your programming journey amazing.

1. Practice

I know, I know you heard this too much from your mentor or teacher but they are right. A student now a day copy the code from the internet and never try by themself.

The best way to learn any programming language or framework is to learn by practice. Practice gives you an idea of how to solve problems. More practice means more programming problems, and more programming problems you get new concepts every day, and these practice problems may reflect in future projects or in coding interviews. 

So do more practice.

2. Learn by practicals

People now a day just read theory concepts of programming language. It is also important but as I said the best way to learn a programming language is by practice, by trying examples.

Now a day beginner makes this mistake a lot they read too many theoretical concepts but never try the code of that concepts.

Watching tutorial is great but no one tries by themselves after watching the tutorial. The best is to make the small projects or try programs by yourself after watching or completing any tutorial or courses.

3. Join Dev Community

The mistake I made is that too late to join the dev community. Communication with other or remote programmers is also important to learn to code. 

As a beginner, the Dev community might different for you but you can learn a lot from that.

Dev community helps everyone to solve the problem, like StackOverflow. You can also share your answer there. And if you want to share your knowledge then like dev community where you can share articles and read other devs articles.

4. Learn to google

All-time solving the problem by yourself is good but you can try to search on the internet too maybe you find an optimal solution.

See as an Intermediate programmer I get daily new bugs so the best solution is to google it because many programmers may face the same bug. So, you find a solution there. If no then you can ask.

5. Take time to learn fundamentals

Beginners make these mistakes too much. They just print Hello World then they try to make a project directly.

That's not for beginners, beginners must need to learn fundamentals. The experienced programmer may best at this they may adopt a new programming language or framework in less time. But every experienced programmer is once a beginner and they cleared fundamentals when they learn first programming language.

So, whatever your first programming language, the first thing learn fundamentals and practice it. So, learning and adopt a new programming language becomes easy for you.

6. Learn one

As a beginner, don't try to learn everything at once. Because as a beginner you don't know about fundamentals, history, and all stuff. First, take one programming language, know about the history of programming and that language.

So learn one language at a time as a beginner okay.

7. Stay Curious

Curiousness is everything to learn anything. If you are not curious then programming becomes boring and hard for you.

Programming is not one-day learning. It is an ocean of curiousness. So stay curious about the problem, think how, what, why. Ask questions every day, every moment. And as a programmer, the Curiousness is for a lifetime.

8. Stay consistent and don’t give up

Beginner programmers, first they are excited to join courses or start tutorials but day by day they are bored to learn, bored to watch tutorials. 

So choose excited tutorials or courses. If they are not they try to make programs or small project by self to stay motivated and excited to learn.

Consistent is key to learn and achieve anything. So don't give up.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes and Learn from them

I showed my juniors in my college they are hiding their mistakes they never try code by themselves because they are afraid to make mistakes even I did too.

You get daily new problems all time can't get the help of your mentor so do mistakes and step by step you get the solution to that problem.

You’re curious. You’re experimenting. You are not Iron-Man (even Iron-man did mistakes like Ultron)

But the thing is what you learn from that mistakes and how you solve that problem.

10. Relax and Enjoy

There are other tips too but now follow the above tips. The last tip is don't code and learn all day. Spend time with nature, your friends, your family, play games so these things make you relax and the next day you become more excited to learn to code.

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