ways to improve programming skills

As a programmer sometimes we feel I'm bad at programming, I'm slow to this, I can't solve problems and lots of things. Every programmer faced this. The thing is how to come out from this, how to improve programming skills so next time you can't feel low.

Improve Programming Skills

Here are some ways to improve your programming skills.

1. Change Your Learning Method

It may be possible your learning method affects when you code. Change the learning method because once you understand the concepts well then you code fast and you feel motivated to do more.

Take learning as a game. While learning a new programming language or framework, must try solving problems, make mini-projects, solve puzzles. 

In short, take learning as a game and enjoy that.

2. Read other developer's codes

Don't consider yourself a master of coding. Just browse the GitHub repository and other codes on the internet and see how they code and what's their style.

Sometimes you find better code, simplicity in code, management of code, and lot more things. So seeing other code is a good habit to improve programming skills.

3. Write readable code

As stated by Martin Fowler, “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand”. 

A good programmer always writes code that understands by themself and others. Simplicity is the key. 

Readable code helps you to debug and it allows other developers to understand your code in less time.

4. Work on projects 

Make a project, any project you can make. Just work on projects, you can make small projects like to-do app, blog apps, any clone like Instagram clones, Netflix clones, and more.

The project teaches you lots of new concepts that are in the real world. So make any project that surely improves your coding skills.

5. Master one tech stack 

Learn everything and choose your tech stack. First master your framework, tools, programming language then choose one tech stack. And yes start developing something using your tech stack.

6. Stay Curious

Stay hunger to gain knowledge. Your curiosity to learn more makes you a skillful person. Not only for coding stay curious about everything it may help in your career.

As we know computer science is a growing area. Every day you can see new technology just curious about it and learn it.

7. Find mentors

Find a mentor if possible. It may your college professor, senior developer, or your boss. It is always good to listen to experienced or senior coders.

Get advice from them and know their experienced. This is an add-on to your coding skills.

8. Contribute to open-source projects

To learn and share your knowledge, contribute to open-source projects is the best way to improve coding skills.

Open-source platforms, such as GitHub, help you to improve your programming skills. 

Find a repository on GitHub according to your knowledge and start working on them.

9. Read bugs

Finding bugs on Google and StackOverflow is good. But sometimes programmers never understand the bugs and try to solve them by themselves.

If you get bugs first read that error try to understand first. If you can't able to solve then google it and find the solution. It saves your time.

Don't just copy-paste the solution, try to understand first.

10. Join a community, share and listen 

Join communities like Dev.to, StackOverflow, etc. By joining the community you can learn a lot of things from other developers around the world.

Also, listen to coding-related podcasts. Learning by listening is a very enjoyable and effective way to learn anything.

And yes also share your knowledge through this type of community. You can also teach other programmers. Knowledge increases by sharing.

So, these are the tips or ways to improve programming skills. Try these ways and share this tips with your friends and fellow programmers.