Write a program that reads a text file and calculates the average word length and sentence length in that file in python


filename = input("Enter file name: ")

# open file in read mode
f = open(filename, "r")

# read the file
data = f.read()

# calculate average word length and sentence length

words = data.split()
sentences = data.split(".")
total_words = 0
total_sentences = 0

for word in words:
total_words += len(word)

for sentence in sentences:
total_sentences += len(sentence)

average_word_length = total_words / len(words)
average_sentence_length = total_sentences / len(sentences)

print(f"Average word length: {average_word_length}")
print(f"Average sentence length: {average_sentence_length}")


Enter file name: test.txt
Average word length: 3.5
Average sentence length: 35.0