Write a program that reads two strings stored in two different text files and prints a string containing the characters of each string interleaved. Remove white spaces from both strings before string interleaving. For example, Two strings “Hello World” and “Sky is the Limit” should generate output “HSeklyliosWtohrelLdimit” in python


filename1 = input("Enter file name 1: ")
filename2 = input("Enter file name 2: ")

# open file in read mode
f1 = open(filename1, "r")
f2 = open(filename2, "r")

# read the file
data1 = f1.read()
data2 = f2.read()

# remove spaces from the string
data1 = data1.replace(" ", "")
data2 = data2.replace(" ", "")

# get the length of the string
length1 = len(data1)
length2 = len(data2)

max_length = max(length1, length2)

# print interleaved
for i in range(max_length):
if i < length1:
print(data1[i], end="")
if i < length2:
print(data2[i], end="")


Enter file name 1: test.txt
Enter file name 2: test1.txt

here test.txt contains Hello World and test1.txt contains Sky is the Limit